Who may become a member?

Membership in this association will consist of three classes:


Active Membership

will consist of municipal, county, and state law enforcement officers and other POST certified agency members who conduct internal affair investigations and/or provide direct review of the investigations. Candidates for agency membership will be approved by the Executive Committee

Associate Membership

will have all the privileges of Active Membership, but will be a non-voting member. It will include members as follows: full-time police attorneys, members of criminal justice training academies, members of an Attorney General’s Office, former active members retired from law enforcement. Associate Membership will be approved by the Executive Committee

Honorary Membership

will consist of those persons who have contributed to the improvement and advancement of the Association or to the improvement of ethical standards in law enforcement in support of Internal Affairs Units or assignments. Nomination of persons for Honorary Membership will be submitted by an active or associate member to the Executive Committee together with a description of the person’s contributions, for review and approval. Honorary membership will be permanent and if a need will arise, the Executive Committee will review and have the authority to revoke such membership for cause

When you join the Association, you become a member of the only State organization dedicated to the education, development, and assistance of Internal Affairs units and their investigators in the State of Georgia. You gain training that is developed specifically for the job you do. You will also benefit from contacts made with other departments in the State. The Association will sponsor two one-day training seminars and a multi-day annual training conference that will not only showcase issues of concern and interest to internal affairs investigators, but will provide POST training credit.

***There no longer are annual dues***

Yearly Membership in the association is automatic when you attend either the Spring or Annual Training for that particular year!