Rose Green Info

Rose Mary Greene was born in Ridgeland, South Carolina, on March 13, 1947. She graduated from Jasper High School before beginning her career with the Chatham County Police Department in 1974. Her police career assignments included service as the Communications Unit Supervisor, as an Assistant Patrol Watch Commander, as a Patrol Watch Commander, and finally, as the Commander of the Internal Affairs Unit from January 1, 1999, until her untimely death on May 29, 2000.  

She was promoted to the rank of Police Lieutenant in 1990, making her the highest ranking African American woman in the Chatham County Police Department. Due to be promoted to Captain in the later part of the year 2000, she received the promotion posthumously before being laid to rest with full Police Department Honors.

During her twenty five year career, Captain Greene distinguished herself through service on the Executive Committee of the Georgia Internal Affairs Investigator’s Association, and was an active member of Georgia Women in Law Enforcement, the national Internal Affairs Investigator’s Association, the Chatham County Police Association, the Fraternal Order of Police, and the Police Officer Association of Georgia. She was selected as the Chatham County Exchange Club’s “Officer of the Year” in 1987, and has served on numerous occasions as a Police Promotion Assessor for several departments throughout the southeast. Captain Greene was well known and respected in the local law enforcement community, and by many citizens whom she faithfully served.

This award is given in honor of Captain Rose Greene. She was one of the founding members of this Association. Qualifications:

Individual’s agency must be a member of the Georgia Internal Affairs Investigator’s Association (GIAIA)                                                                                                      

Award Criteria

Individual must distinguish himself/herself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his/her life while engaged in a police operation under difficult and hazardous conditions. The deed performed must have been on of personal bravery and self-sacrifice so conspicuous as to clearly distinguish the individual above his comrades and must have involved risk of life.
Individual must have distinguished himself/herself by exceptional meritorious service, over an extended period of time. Individual must have demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and dedication to furtherance of the goals of GIAIA                                                                                                                    
Individual must perform a specific act in a clearly exceptional manner. The performance of the specific act must reflect most favorable upon the individual’s dedication to the further to the goals of GIAIA.
Individual must perform a specific act in a clearly exceptional manner. The performance of this act must be more than what is expected of the average citizen. The performance of this act must assist this agency or its’ personnel and reflect favorably upon the individual’s dedication to furthering the goals of GIAIA.

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